MIE Brain

The MIE Brain program has been developed by USC neuroscientist Dr Kathryn Broadhouse who’s research areas are imaging and adolescent neuro-development.

This program, designed for years 9 and 10, teaches students how the brain’s structure and function underpin mental wellbeing and brain health.  The MIE Brain program incorporates activities linked to curriculum in Science, Art and Design Technologies.  

MIE Brain

Over the 5 x 70-90 minute sessions students will learn about:

1. The different regions of the brain

2. The different regions brain functions

3. How this differs in health and disease

4. The mathematics that leading researchers and neuroscientists use to study brain function and mental health. Throughout the program students will be asked to design their own specific brain region, building on this design session by session as we learn more about the brain. 

5. Finally, the class will bring all that they have learnt together, combining all their regions to form an art installation of the brain.  

MIE Brain – Attributes Overview

MIE Brain – Curriculum Links for Sessions 1-5

S1Brain Structure & Function
S2 Brain Health
S3Meta Learning
S4 – Brain Health & Meta Learning
S5 – Design Day