Professional Development & Online Resources

MIE Lab offers a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and preservice teachers to:

  • Learn how to develop student’s growth mindsets to STEM subjects
  • Develop confidence and skills in teaching about STEM career education
  • Develop confidence and skills in teaching the Digital Technologies curriculum
  • Conduct a technologies self-audit

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The MIE project is extremely valuable on so many levels. It allows pre-service teachers to hone their skills and it makes a daunting topic accessible for unskilled teachers and students. It also shows a clear pathway for students to follow in terms of advancing their education in the STEM areas.

– Year 6 Teacher

Developing a growth mindset

Learn how to develop student’s growth mindset to STEM subjects

Serious Games PD

Learn how to design and program serious games in Scratch

Arduino PD

An opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge and skills in STEM education, using Arduino.

Pre-service teachers

Register to become a presenter for MIE School and complete the online training.

Self-audit tool

Identify areas of strength and areas for improvement in relation to teaching and integrating technologies in the classroom.