Year 10

Citizen Science

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The new Citizen Science program is currently being development and will be ready for delivery to Year 10 students, Term 3 2022.

In this sequence of lessons, students will participate and collaborate in a citizen science project to generate scientific knowledge on a current STEM project at USC.

This learning is linked to the Year 10 Australian Curriculum.

The Year 10 lessons and resources provide students with opportunities to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, science inquiry, science communication skills and deepen their understanding of STEM careers.

MIE Citizen Science – Powerpoint slides, Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets for Lessons 1-5.

Lesson 1 – title (70mins) – presented by MIE School
Lesson 2 – title (70mins) – presented by MIE School
Lesson 3 – title (70mins) – presented by MIE School
Lesson 4 – title (70mins) – presented by MIE School
Lesson 5 – title (70mins) – presented by MIE School
Lesson 6 – Group presentations (70mins) – optional lesson delivered by classroom teacher

L6 – This is an optional lesson which teachers can utilise for assessment – providing groups with the opportunity to present their contribution to the citizen science project. Teachers design this lesson linked to learning outcomes.

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